MEET Naomi

How did you process and cope with the ever-changing world in 2020? How did you deal with the constant barrage of information, misinformation, stats, instructions and restrictions? What a roller coaster ride 2020 was for all of us. Our teens especially faced the last year of high school with so much uncertainty around whether they would graduate on time, whether they would have the teacher support they needed or whether they would even gather as the class of 2020 again. 

Coming off of a difficult Year 11, Naomi found the first lock down in April 2020 to be a welcomed break from the grind of VCE. But by the second lock down which lasted from July to October, she too had to find creative ways to cope with the isolation and adjust her expectations of what her final year of high school would look like.

Naomi discovered they lost art of journaling during the second lockdown. She spent evenings recording the days coronavirus counts, updated restrictions and over all of it, how she was feeling. She has some amazing insight into the benefits of processing your thoughts through pen and paper which she shares in her interview.

I spent a pleasant summer morning with Naomi in the very park she frequented during the lockdown. She would sometimes meet a friend here to go on walks and spend their one hour of exercise together. 

Naomi had never done a photoshoot before. But if anything 2020 taught us it’s that we can try new things. So we set a date and met up one morning. She brought the very journal that she wrote in last year. We snapped some images with it. I had Naomi moving and chatting the entire time. She definitely relaxed and photographed naturally within a short time. I’m quite happy with the images we took which reveal a very genuine and thoughtful side of her personality.

a natural beauty

Even more than Journalling, prayer
really helped me through the anxiety and stress.

It took a lot of courage for Naomi to speak out on camera, but she did so well. Articulate, insightful and gentle is how she came across. She’s an intelligent young woman with a lot of depth and substance and I so enjoyed the time we had together.