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I'm Christine!
I'm a portrait photographer, based in Melbourne, Australia. I love serving families with teens and tweens (13-19 years old) because I know how life gets busy during these years.  We just don't have as many photos of our kids from this stage of life. I can help! Have a look around the blog and meet some of the outstanding teens I have worked with in Australia and the USA.  

Why Book a Photoshoot for Your Teen or Tween?

You have a teen, or two, or three! and maybe you’ve never considering booking a photoshoot specifically to celebrate your emerging young adult. “Is this even a thing people do?” you may be thinking.  My answer is, yes! And if you don’t think this is something for you or your teen, let me share with […]


teen boy seated arm on propped knee looking into distance

An American Teen’s Photoshoot in Melbourne

This guy wins the prize for traveling the farthest for a photo shoot. Not only did he travel over from the US, but he came from the farthest corner of that country – all the way from Florida! I’ve been photographing Carter long before he was a teenager, since he was about six years old. […]