Eden’s Graduation Photoshoot at the Diamonds

When I started playing softball again in 2022, I met some pretty fun women who love the sport so much that no matter rain or shine, cold or hot, even all that weather on the same day (that’s just Melbourne being Melbourne), they’d make the trek to the diamonds at the Waverley Women’s Sports Complex for training or a games. While I mainly expected to meet other softball players around my generation, one stuck out to me for her energy, youthfulness, and love for the team and game. Hello Eden!

This year Eden graduated from high school. What better place to do a graduation photoshoot than in the place we met and that means so much to her. Here is her story and some of the amazing images we created together. Shout out to her cousin Ruby for being her #1 hype girl that day. I love when the teens bring friends along for the fun.

When did you start playing softball?  I was introduced to softball from a young age, because my parents were involved around Waverley Softball mainly in Brandon Heights! I played t-ball when I was five and then found my own pathway, and did basketball for 11 years before Covid hit! Indoor sports weren’t allowed during Covid. So I decided to give softball a go and haven’t looked back, I dropped basketball within a couple months of playing softball! Now I play three games every Saturday in summer!

You play on both of junior and senior teams. What are different things that you like about being on each team? I love playing with mum, I don’t admit to it, but it’s pretty special. You don’t get that opportunity everyday. I also like juniors. I’ve met some of my best friends from playing juniors and I’m learning and growing every week with juniors!

You go to a unique school. What’s the name of it and tell me a little bit about it. And how did you choose that school? My school is a re-engagement program for kids who don’t do mainstream school. You do your certifications in adult education. I’m currently doing a Cert III which is my Year 12 equivalent! Mum found the school when I was at rock bottom in mainstream, so we decided to make the switch and I’ve been at Mountain District Learning for 3 years!

How did Year 12 go and what are your plans after? Plans after Year 12! It’s scary to think that’s gonna be happening! Plans are to go off to TAFE, study sports media/ social media marketing! I’m a very creative and sporty person so these areas are the best for me I think!

Tell me a little bit about your family My family consists of my mum, dad and brother. They are just really supportive parents when it comes to most things. It hasn’t always been the easy road for us, as my brother is on the spectrum. We make it work though!

What are some interests you have besides softball? My interests go for daysssss, I love cooking, photography, coaching basketball, designing things for social media and of course watching lots of basketball and softball!

Softball is not a super popular sport in Australia but what would you say to someone who would consider it? It’s not a huge sport so without my parents being big in the softball world I would never have even considered playing! I say give it a crack, you have to try to know! I did, and I’m still going!

What was your favorite part of the photo shoot? I loved just laughing my way through it, hahahaha! Always smiling and glad that was captured.

What would you say to convince anyone who has never consider doing a photo shoot like this or thinks they aren’t photogenic? Honestly i was shittttinggg myself, I had no idea what to expect. After a few poses and shots it becomes a bit more natural! I 100% recommend bringing a friend and a speaker! Lightens everything up and you almost feel like the camera isn’t there!

What is a piece of advice that you would give your younger self if you could go back in time and tell her something that you wish you knew then? There are so many pieces of advice I could give younger Eden, the main one would be don’t think about it too much, let the haters hate. You are who you are. You’re unique and special. Don’t let anyone ruin that for you! Don’t blend in. Stand out!

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